The Robot was found in the middow of the Medow whit no key it was found by Gaston who foung it's arm.Ben ask Gaston where he foung it and there was a robot.Then the Wise Old Alf came and it was made in the elf factory.


When Ben found out there was no key Holly magic up a key then Strawberry and Barnaby came and Holly and Strawberry came and said "Robots go like this er er er aahhhhh!" the robot pick up them and then Holly said "Put us down" The Robot only Lisens to it's Master Ben Elf Ben elf said put the fairy down.More info watch the episode the Robot.


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  • Ben Elf (Master)
    • Gaston


Princess Holly
  • Strawberry
  • Wise Old Elf
  • Nanny Plum
  • Queen Thisile
  • King Thisile
  • Daisy And Poppy
  • All of the elves apart from Ben Elf