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Baby Dragon is the 10th episode of the 2nd season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


Ben , Holly and their friends adopt a dragon and they name him Dave, and Gaston gets jealous.


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Ben, Holly, and their friends were playing in the meadow when Nanny Plum arrived and told the girls it was time for their magic lesson. Holly magics up a stinky egg, which turns out to be a dragon egg. Soon after Nanny Plum leaves, the egg hatches. They decided to name the dragon Dave. Gaston realizes they're not paying attention to him, so he returns to his cavern. Nanny Plum calls Holly and tells her it's home time. However, while Holly is heading to the little castle, Dave keeps following her; when Ben and Holly bring Dave to the Little Castle, King Thistle kicks him out for breathing fire at him. When they arrived at the Great Elf Tree, the elves started freaking out and getting a pail of water. Since Ben’s parents prohibited him from letting the dragon live in their tree, they had no choice but to let him stay in Gaston’s cavern, but still, he was unable to stay in Gaston’s cavern because he started growing. They bring him to Dragonland, where they say their goodbyes. While on their way home, Gaston wants to play, so Ben tells him to fetch the stick, but the backdoor is open. Although, he managed to get the stick. Ben says, “Gaston is the best pet in the world ever.” The episode ends.