Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki

British English/Fairy English[]

It is the main accent of the Fairies and Younger Elves in the Little Kingdom. It is also spoken by the Pine Elves and the Dwarfs.

Elf English[]

Elf English is similar to Fairy English but slightly different. It is mainly spoken by Elder Elves in the Little Kingdom, however it is endangered due to the younger generations speaking with the Fairly Accent.

Arctic English[]

Arctic English is similar to Fairy English however it's more Nordic and German sounding. It is spoken by all the Arctic Elves except for the Wiser Older Elf.

Gnome English[]

Gnome English is a dialect of Elf English however it's even more different from Fairy English, they've even got their own words that are completely uninteligeble for Fairy English speakers.

It is mainly spoken by Gnomes.