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• 12/21/2016

Wikia "Discussions"

Wikia had announced back in September before the "Fandom" rebrand, that they were intoducing this new feature called "Discussions" which would replace the Forum I installed when I became an admin. The Forum was introduced about five years ago and recieved a really warm response. Discussions doesn't seem to be recieving the same kind of "good press" as it were, however.  I am aware that I am the sole admin and therefore responsible for managing all of this communty's communication methods, so I will see about adding Discussions when the wide release occurs; no date for that, at the time of this writing, at least, has been announced. Please post questions and/or comments here. l'll update here later. Thanks.
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• 8/19/2016

Wiki Addministration board

The new wiki administration board in the new forums
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• 8/19/2016

Forum Maintenance

This is the Forum Maintenance board in the new forums.
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• 8/19/2016

New Forums: Questions and Answers

Hi. This is the question and answer board.
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• 8/19/2016

New Forums: Article Content

Hey everyone. This is the Article Content board in the new forums! Have fun!
-SummitMuppet, administrator
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• 8/19/2016

New Forums: News and Announcements

Hey there! I'm SummitMuppet, and I became an admin today! I've  been doing housekeeping. These are our new forums. They are ways for the community to discuss things and make important decisions. This board is for News and Announcements. You can announce important things here, and congratulate a user on a great contribution! You also have new message walls. They have replaced your talk pages, and your talk pages have been archived. Have fun!
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